Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us. Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are loved and blessed.

~ Angel Blessing ~

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Where the Light of a growing world illuminates each Soul on its path,Where the Light of each growing Soul illuminates each heart, And where this Light flows outward, ever expanding, ever growing, then THERE is home; THERE is Peace, Love and Joy.

We are here to be channels of Divine Love.
We are here to assist All on their paths.
We are the Angels of the Earth.

~Author unknown~

Real Life Angel Experiences

Seeing Angels

My mother was passing away in 2000 and she told me in the ER to look at all the angels around her and the baby angel was her infant that scared me but soothed me at the same my father is dying and he sees dead people as my mom did, so I think his death is around the corner..I'm not letting go so I know that's why he has not left yet and that's exactly what happened to my mom she waited until I left to go to breakfast and I felt something and ran back upstairs and she was in the midst of passing, the nurses were rushing in her room..I seen her that night and she told me to take care of dad then she vanished but after that her music box played all the time and this box you have to wind up and open before you hear played without anyone doing anything...


Saved by an Angel

Once, when my son was very little; around 3 years old, I'd just picked him up from daycare and we were crossing the street. We crossed with the light and had the right of way, but suddenly out of nowhere, a woman came speeding around the corner, headed directly for us. It happened so fast, we had no time to move - we froze and I went cold as I realized that my son was closest to the car...she was going to hit him first. All I remember thinking is " God please ". No. Please help us." And then less than a foot away from us, the car stopped dead, and I heard her trying to get the engine to turn over. I believe with all my heart that our guardian angels stopped that car and saved both our lives.


art by Nene Thomas

Unexplained Savior

I've heard of people having experiences with guardian angels. But up until now I don't remember ever having any experiences before.

One cold winter day me and my sister decided to go visit our cousin, who lived about ten miles from us. We were on a two lane country road that was both steep and curvy. We were moving along pretty good when we hit black ice.

The car started to spin around, the next thing we knew we were heading down over the hill through a bunch of brush and trees. It was a weird feeling it was like the car was moving in slow motion like time had slowed down.

The car came to a stop up against a big pile of dirt. I looked up and saw the face of a lady looking back at me through the windscreen. She was smiling, and then she mouthed the words, "It's ok". Then she was gone. I looked over at my sister; she was staring out the windscreen. I asked her, "Did you see that?" She said yes.

When we were able to climb out of the car on the passenger side, we looked around there was no one there. We walked around to the driver's side of the car, it was smashed in, no wonder the door wouldn't open. We started walking back up the hill, from where the car went down and over. We finally made it back up to the road. It seemed like forever before a car came by. They wanted to know if we were ok, and we were.

We went to the edge of the road where our car went down over the hill, we had missed every tree. If it hadn't been for what we believe to have been our guardian angel, we may have really been hurt or killed.



Wishing You Were Here Again

by Joanne R.

It was May 2009, Memorial Day was fast approaching, and I was living in TN. I was having a hard time, as I could get no one to put flowers on my parent's grave. I listened to the song from Phantom Of The Opera, "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again." I sang that song, and let the Lord heal my grief I was feeling over my Mom's death. Two days later I went shopping in a neighborhood grocery store. As I approached, I caught sight of an elderly woman, who was the spitting image of my Mom. Same walk, same large veins in her hands, I froze in my tracks. Now, they say everyone has a twin. I found myself in back of her in line. She would smile, just like Mom did. I couldn't help but stare, and she just tilted her head and gazed back. When it was my turn in line, I told the clerk how much she looked like my Mother, and glanced down and noticed she had forgotten her sack of paper plates. I ran up to her, she turned, smiled, and I managed to say, "Ma'am, you almost forgot your sack, may God bless you!" I smiled and placed it into her hands. Such a peace came over me like I had never felt in my entire life when I touched her hands. She just gazed into my eyes and I wanted that moment to last forever, peace, joy, and comfort. She brushed her hand over my cheek and I just giggled and smiled, then she turned and left. Same walk. I went in and commented to the clerk, she told me she had never seen her in the store before, interesting, since she had worked there for 10 years or more.

Was it an angel? I believe it was. No sooner did she tell me that then she just vanished, we never saw her drive off, and she was walking very slowly.

I have found that God knows when we need special comfort, and I believe strongly he sent that angel to me to let me know I was loved, and Mom was with God.

An Angel At The Scene

by Elizabeth

No parent wants to get the call that you need to get to the emergency room immediately. Last year I got that call concerning my daughter who was in an automobile accident. When I got to the small 3 bed ER I saw 2 young men on the first 2 beds and an elderly lady on the third who was not related to the accident. At this point I think I cried out for my daughter and not seeing her only imagined the worst. Then someone put their hands on my shoulders and led me to the front of the ER. In she walked looking very dishelved with only one shoe, her handbag, and something black on her arm which I just assumed was some kind of medical brace. The ambulance driver made the comment to me that it was a miracle that she was alive, much less walking on her own. The car was a convertible and all three passengers were ejected as it went airborne and then rolled three or four times down and embankment before landing on its top upon a large tree. She had refused medical treatment at the scene so that she could ride in the ambulance with the other two passengers.

When I took her into a nearby restroom to wash up I asked her what was on her arm and then realized it was the CD holder that clips onto her sun visor. Of all the things in her car, I wondered how in the world had she ended up with that? She said she just remembered an elderly gray haired lady coming up to her at the scene and handing it to her and telling her everything would be okay. My daughter said she then stepped into the ambulance and when she turned around the elderly lady was gone. As my daughter recalled this she turned over the CD holder and there on the back was the Guardian Angel pin I had put in her car when she first got it!!! To us, there could not have been a clearer sign as to how she survived that accident.

We do not believe that the CD holder ever hit the ground as those were the only CDs in the car with no scratches on them and the case itself was so clean, no dirt or scuff marks like those that covered everything else recovered from the scene!

It still brings tears to my eyes and my daughter feels truly blessed. Others I know who may not have had the faith or belief before in angels have since bought guardian angels for their childrens cars as well. We thank God for our angels!!!

3 Interweaving Stories of 3 People

by Lee

I have a friend of 12 years named Cheryl. She has always been highly spiritual. 4 years ago she became a pastor. I have always been a believer, but not a real prayer or churchgoer, but after I met her, it seemrd that I could sense God's presence more and that He was doing things in my life. So I got into the habit of daily praying. In March of 1996, I was watching the Learning Channel and it was a show called Angel Stories. It looked good so I taped it. One of the things that the host of the show mentioned was that one of the ways an angel would announce their presence was with a strong scent of flowers.

In August of 1996, I came home from work and began my prayers. A few minutes into them, I got a very strong scent of roses. I'm a single guy with no flowers and there were no flowers planted around my apartment building and I had a car dealership next door, so no flowers around but I smelled roses right in front of my face. I took about 7 deep breaths through my nose and it was still there. I knew exactly what it was because I learned it on the Learning Channel. And God knew that.

A few days later I talked to Cheryl and told her and she got excited. I'm leaving some stuff out of this story because it's so long. Anyway Cheryl lives in The Dalles, Oregon and has a 6-plex and one of her renters is a guy named Mike. He's a truck driver. When he was a child he was lost in the desert in California. He met 2 men who he swears were angels who guided him out of the desert. Cheryl says that's all he ever said about them.

In 2003 Cheryl called me (I'm 200 miles away). and said she was going to see a woman of God speak somewhere in town and it was said that at some meetings ths woman emitted gold flakes from her hair. (ok... I said cool) She called me right after the lecture and said after it was over the woman was mingling with the crowd and Cheryl smelled flowers really strong and instantly remembered my story and said to herself there is angels here. The woman and Cheryl made eye contact and approched each other and talked and then they hugged and Cheryl said she got some little gold flakes on her clothing.

She said she went back to the 6-plex and scraped the flakes off of her and took them to Mikes apartment and showed him. She said he looked at them and rubbed them through his fingers and said yea I seen this stuff before. Cheryl said she got mad and said 'where could you have seen anything like this?' He said those two guys in the desert. They were covered in it. Cheryl said to me that was when it hit her. It was angel dust.

I can still find out who the speaker was and I still have my angel tape. This is the only time I have told this.

Furry Angel

by Karen

My parents had died when I was 3, each within 6 months of the other. I was so sure that I had done something very wrong for this to have happened and that God was very angry with me. Everynight when I went to bed I said my prayers as I had been taught to by my deceased parents. The only thing I added was. "And please dear God if your really love me, send me a dog like Lassie".

It was Thanksgiving and we were sitting at the dinner table when there was a scratch at the front. My adopted Dad went to the door and scared a dog away, or so he thought. He just about had time to sit down and tell us what was happening and the scratching started again. So, he repeated what he had done before and came back to enjoy his dinner when the scratching started again. This time he got the broom and thought he had taught the dog a thing or two. As he sat down ready to tell the family what he had finally accomplished, the scratching started again. This time he figured he would let the dog in, call the neighbors and find out who the dog belonged to. He opened the door and in walked a very sad and hungry and frozen collie. We tried to find out who he belonged to, but I knew. He was a dog that would help me through the difficult times when I felt so alone. He was my angel that looked like Lassie.

Angel at the Bus Stop

by Janelle

A long time ago when I was younger and rebellious I ended up downtown in Santa Monica, California at about 1:00 AM. It was my birthday I just hopped on a bus from LA to the beach not knowing where I was going to end up. I was dressed in a mini skirt and a halter top. I was ready to go home when I realized I had no idea how to get back. This was my first time in this city and I had only been in California for about a month.

I was 20 years old, had 1 bus token and was sitting on a bus stop bench freezing. I remember closing my eyes and asking God to please help me get back home which was a motel I was staying at for 35 dollars a night. The next thing I can remember was a man that came up to me. It started to get warm. He looked like a normal man wearing blue jeans and a navy blue hood shirt. He asked if I was going home and I said yes. He then began to tell me to take the next bus that comes to the last stop. The bus driver will give me a transfer and take that bus to Vine St. Then he walked away. I would have seen where he went but the bus came right then I hopped on the driver gave me a transfer when I didn't even ask for one.

The next turn of events happened just like the man told me. I ended up at the motel. I realized I have no idea where this man came from, I was not scared when he approached me in the middle of nowhere and I never told him where I was going. All I can think of is he was an angel.

An Angel to the Rescue

by Gena

There are Angels among us. You never know if it's that person standing next to you in an elevator, behind you in line at the market or even the pizza delivery guy!

One of my dearest of friends worked as a full-time Nanny for a very nice family of 5 that lived way out in the Indiana countryside. Being a mother-to-be herself, she certainly had her hands full with taking care of their children, and she did an amazing job!

I'd gone over there one weekend to spend some time with her and the kids while the parents were out of town. It was a wonderful December day and had started to get late. It was time for me to leave. It REALLY snowed that day so everything was completely covered. After I'd warmed my car, I was trying to back out and had somehow found myself no longer on their driveway, but on their yard. That's when I got stuck. I tried rocking the car back and forth in my attempt to get the car out, but all that did was give them a pretty decent yard-job! Feeling just awful about it, I went back inside. "I'm stuck!" My friend was looking for shovels, salt, 2 by 4s, anything that might help. "Surely these folks have tools...they live in the country!" No luck.

I'd gone back out to the car to have another go at it and was getting really frustrated. It was around 11:00pm, very cold, and although the snowing has slowed to almost nothing coming down, it was difficult to get around since the snow from the day was so deep. Back in the car, I sat there thinking that I didn't want to worsen the near ditch I'd already dug into their front yard. I couldn't believe this..."How could I have done this?", I asked myself. I didn't even have anyone to call for help. I started to pray. After a few minutes, for some reason I glanced at my trip odometer. To my horror, it read the numbers 666. I became angry and yelled, "I rebuke this!" and quickly pushed the button, changing the odometer back to zero.

Just then, a small car with a Domino's Pizza delivery sign on top pulled up to the house. I thought, "Way out here? Thatfs odd." A man got out of the car. With a big smile, he walked over and chuckled, "Looks like you could use a little help." I was giddy with thankfulness and replied, "Oh YES! Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!" He laughed and said that he'd give it a push while I gave it a little gas. I sat in the car and looked behind me through the rear window. The man stood behind my car and for a few moments, he looked at it in what appeared to be a very thoughtful way. It was like he was gathering information with his smiling eyes.

"Okay, then!", he called out, so I pressed gently on the gas pedal. I certainly didn't want to fling slush and mud on him. He placed his hands on the trunk of my car and forward, up, and back onto the driveway I went. I thought, "Oh my!!! He didn't even lean!" I got out of the car and was so surprised, all I could get out of my mouth was a barrage of thank yous and a, "WOW, you're strong!" He laughed and asked that I be very careful out there on the road. I went to reach for my purse in the car to give him some cash for helping me out and when I looked up he'd already gone all the way back to where his car was on the road. He stood by his car and waved before getting in and pulling away.

I quickly jumped into my car and backed out to the road. He was gone. No tail lights. No tire tracks in the snow.



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