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The stories are heard from everywhere, but the same question comes to mind. Who or what are the black-eyed children. Why does everyone say that they have met black eye kids and had feelings of fear? Is there such a thing as black-eyed kids? The stories about the black-eyed kids are coming from people that are known in their communities as being of sound mind. No one has ever told a story about the meeting with these kids that did not sound the same. Everyone feels fear and turn the kids away. When was the first report of someone seeing black-eyed children? What is the most recent encounter?

The first anyone ever heard about black-eyed children was in 1998. Brain Bethel was the first to report these kids. Since that time, people have reported seeing these kids in airports, elevators, the YMCA and even at Starbucks. Can we believe that all these people have seen black-eyed children or are they seeing something that the mind wants them to see? Are there such beings with black eyes? What do they want? Has anyone ever allowed them into their homes or cars? It could be possible that many more people have had encounters with the black-eyed children and just do not want to be labeled.

Could these children be aliens? Is it possible that aliens do exist and these children are here to observe and report how human beings act? Only one case was reported that said the black-eyed child did not appear on video. This was a person that was in an elevator and reported his story to the establishment, they checked the video, and there was no one standing with the man. There is no proof that has been confirmed as to what aliens look like. Are the B.E.K from another planet? Do they come when the rest of the world is seeing strange lights?

Although B.E.K. and UFO's are not confirmed on video or in pictures, is it possible that there is a connection. Is there another answer for this unnatural mystery? If you think about the human eye, you know that the sdera, which is the white part of the eye, is white in everyone. The only forms that have a black sdera are lizards, dogs and horses as well as some other life forms. Knowing this information purposes another question. Could the B.E.K. be a form of life that we have no idea about that lives somewhere on earth?

In order to get answers, someone will have to find a black-eyed kid and talk to him or her. They would have to look fear in the eye and insist on having answers. Before we know who or what the B.E.K. are, someone will have to be brave and curious. The only thing is, is that no one wants to converse or look at thee kids. The people that see them do not want to see them and the people that would like to see them never do. Would you be one of those people to risk your safety to find out who the black-eyed kids are or where they come from?

Are there beings or people among us whose sclera, pupils and iris are completely black? We will refer to them as beings, because at this time we really don't know who or what they are. There are numerous eye witness accounts of people like this in almost every location you can imagine, and from many corners of the Earth.

Below are some common characteristics of black-eyed beings discovered from examining eyewitness testimony:

Sometimes the adult or child dresses in attire to fit into the local population, but odd variations can also cause the black-eyed person to stand out. Eyewitness accounts have stated that the clothing is either overly neat as though they are from a by-gone era, or have strange color combinations.

Black-eyed beings may dress in black or dark clothes.

When black-eyed children approach adults they do not act shy like normal children. Instead, they are often quite forceful about what they want from the adult and may try to intimidate or persuade. These children may be verbally forceful in demanding entry into a home or a vehicle on a public street, but apparently they do not become physical.

Evil is a common characteristic that eyewitnesses often sense from both black-eyed children and adult beings. However, this feeling is not experienced by every eyewitness.

In public places such as restaurants or airport gate waiting areas, often people will not sit anywhere near them especially after making eye contact.

It is possible that some (or all) of these beings do not have a home, and are roaming the Earth endlessly. One eyewitness who was alone with a man in an elevator late at night asked him where he was going. His curt response was "NOWHERE!"

These beings have been reported by people world-wide, and are not known to originate from any particular location on Earth.

One eyewitness was in an elevator with a black-eyed being. The following day he checked a security camera videotape but it did not record the presence of the black-eyed being in the elevator. Only the eyewitness was seen alone on the videotape.

A common occurrence among children with black eyes is to ask permission to enter a vehicle or a home. Apparently there are certain laws these beings must follow, such as being invited in. What's interesting is that this law requiring permission is known to apply to supernatural evil, such as demons. If laws ruling supernatural interference did not exist, then all of humankind would be in utter chaos and terror, and society could never develop to the level of what it is today.

Solid form - unlike ghosts or other disembodied entities, eyewitness accounts have not spoken of transparency. These black- eyed beings appear to be solid and can speak verbally, although this does not negate a supernatural origin.

Some accounts indicate that at least some of these beings have olive colored skin.

Eyewitness accounts of these beings often take place at night or inside buildings. Perhaps they cannot tolerate direct sunlight.

Black-eyed adults could be related to the "Men In Black" (MIB's) who have also appeared with pitch black eyes to intimidate UFO witnesses. MIB often appeared to those who make it past a close encounter of the first kind. There haven't been any new accounts of MIB visits in recent years that I know of. Perhaps these black-eyed beings are of the same race as the MIB, who may now be unemployed.

In black-eyed beings, apparently the sclera is black as well as the pupil and iris. Witnesses are probably not seeing the retina directly. Humans have the classic red-eye in photographs as a result of flash photography. To see into the eye of a black-eyed being would probably require a similar intense on-axis light source. However, if eyewitnesses can actually see a black retina as some have claimed, then the retina of these beings must absorb light even better than the eyes of human beings.

Late at night in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle on a highway deer, opossums and other animals have eyes ( retinas ) have a green or red color. This is a retro-reflection from the animal's retina. It is similar to how a reflector on a bicycle or driveway marker reflector works. Human beings have a non-reflective retina, reflecting back only about 1% of the light that enters the eye.

One might dismiss these strange black-eyed people as a rare genetic mutation, except for one simple fact that apparently no one talks about If both the sclera is black and the vitreous humor inside the eye is black as well, these beings would almost certainly have to be blind since no light could reach the retina through black vitreous humor.




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