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Centuries ago, the sudden appearance of a circular pattern of mushrooms in people's soil had them believing that evil forces were in the making. Fairy rings were thought to be formed by a variety of dark forces such as shooting stars, lightning strikes as well as being created by witches. These beliefs were still in existence well into the 19th century

The English believed that fairy rings were where fairies came to dance and celebrate, the mushrooms of the rings were used as stools for the fairies to recuperate during the evenings festivities. One European legend tells of the origin of these rings as being burned into the soil by a sleeping dragon's tail.

As with many legends a great many of these tales share a common theme of bad luck or misfortune befalling any poor unfortunate soul who was unlucky enough to stumble into one of these rings. Misfortune could come in the form of disease, bad luck, or even being captured and becoming a slave to the fairies within their underground realm. Many farmers were reluctant to have their animals graze within these rings as it was believed to sour the milk of their herd.

Although most beliefs associated with fairy rings tend to be on the dark side, some believe that building their home in an area that had fairy rings would bring good luck to the family that settled there, try that one on your neighbour today and see what kind of a reaction you can get. some believed that the fairy ring was the spot where fairies had chosen to bury their treasure, one catch, you needed a fairy to obtain the treasure. When dew formed on the outer area of grass, young maidens would use this moisture in love potions or as a remedy for complexion problems.

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