"Lose your temper and you lose a friend; lie and you lose yourself"

~Hopi quote~

The word "Hopi" means "peaceful people". They did not resist strongly against the Pahana (Whites) in the "Indian Wars," and many of the Hopi have been jailed for draft resistance. They number less than 10,000 and live in the Four Corners area, which is where the borders of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah meet, 100 miles from the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert.

According to carbon-dated prehistoric rock drawings, Hopi culture dates back 22,000 years. Their oral history deals with even older times, describing three other worlds prior to the present one, which is the fourth world. In the first world, humans turned away from spiritual principles and misused their powers for selfish purposes. This world was destroyed by major earthquakes, and only a handful of people survived.

The people of the second world repeated the same mistakes again, and the world was destroyed by freezing (the Ice Age).

The third world lasted a long time, and was the time of the Atlantians, whose destruction was brought about by those Atlanteans who had become "two-hearted people." A two-hearted person is someone who listens only to their right side, considered by the Hopi to be evil because it is clever but lacks conscience. The left side, though awkward, is wise, and is predominant in a "one-hearted person."

Among the survivors of Atlantis was a great chief who had two sons. When the chief had passed on, the younger son went west to a new land, while the elder one traveled east where he was to remain unless the younger brother's way of life was threatened.

The descendants of Younger Brother, the Hopi, made a covenant with the Great Spirit 1,100 years ago to keep the world's balance, and if their tradition was lost, it would be catastrophic for all humanity.

Four Corners Area Crucial

The Hopi prophecies warned that the white men or "Pahana" would come to their land and try and lead them into evil ways. The Hopi were told that they must hold onto their tradition and their land, though always without violence. If they succeeded, their land would become a center from which Spirit would be reawakened, resonating throughout the world.

Frank Waters, author of "The Book of the Hopi," wrote in 1963 that "when the 'heart' of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth," and that what is dug up there (uranium) would be used for destructive purposes. Thomas Banyacya also wrote of the Four Corners area: "Great Spirit told Hopi [that Four Corners is] the backbone of the United States. Hopi must hold land till Human Beings live in harmony."

This sacred area is being strip-mined for coal and uranium, reducing the water table and causing radioactive pollution. According to Quail Littlefield of "People Concerned with Mother Earth," recent discoveries show that the Four Corners area is not only rich in coal and uranium, but is also a main source of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. It is also said to be one of the few key focal centers in the world where the energy current must be kept in balance to maintain a life-giving biosphere. According to some Hopi Elders, if this center is disrupted, then the atmosphere will become unstable and all life will perish.

The Hopi and Navajo have co-existed peacefully on these lands (Four Corners) for many generations. A "range war" was fabricated to allow the Bureau of Indian Affairs, through the Hopi Tribal Council, to grant exclusive mining rights to Peabody Coal Company, which called for the eviction of Navajo elders to an area that is barren and 60 miles downstream from uranium-poisoned waters. Forcible removal of the Elders begins in February, 2000.

Hopi Elders Thomas Banyacya and Grandfather Evehema, as well as many others, have opposed this forced relocation. People from not only the United States but all over the world have sent letters to Janet Reno, and other government officials to stop this eviction, which violates the American Indian Religious Freedom Act 17 and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 18.

Division Amongst the Hopi

The situation at Four Corners has brought to the surface a division amongst the Hopi themselves, something that Hopi prophecy said would occur three times. The first occurred in 1906 between the Traditionalists (one-hearted Hopi) and Modernists (two-hearted Hopi), the Traditionalists leaving the mother-village Oraibi to establish a new home in Hotevilla. The Traditionalists have strived to protect their way of life and to keep the covenant with the Creator to perform the ceremonies necessary to hold the world in balance. The Traditionalists also believe that the Hopi are obligated to the Great Spirit (Masaau) never to cut up their land, or to sell it.

The second division occurred in 1970 amidst a spectacular lightshow of unknown origins. The third division has recently taken place between progressive Hopi belonging to the Hopi Tribal Council and the Traditionalists.

The Hopi Tribal Council was created in part by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. At the urging of the Department of the Interior of the Untied States, the Hopi Tribal Council has signed several leases with Peabody Coal Company, allowing them to strip-mine the sacred mesas, resulting in the destruction of several ancient burial sites.

In 1996, the Modernists had another victory as sewer and power lines were brought to Hotevilla. Many considered these to be disruptive to the sacred prayer ceremonies. In 1997, the sacred prayer bundle was unearthed -- another desecration. Possibly as a result of these actions, Grandfather Dan Evehema, considered to be one of the last traditional elders, left Hotevilla in protest. He passed away less than a year later, at the age of 108.

Grandfather Dan Evehema had met with many world leaders as well as Native American ones, and was a respected healer who has spent his life praying for world peace and upholding the Hopi truth of "Together with All Nations We Hold This World in Balance." He spoke at the United Nations several times, and last winter met with the UN Human Rights Violations and Religious Rights inspectors who recently investigated human rights violations taking place on Native American reservations. He co-authored "Hotevilla Shrine of the Covenant" and the "Hopi Survival Kit," and worked on the traditional Hopi newsletter, the Techqua Ikachi for many years. In the "Hopi Survival Kit" he stated that fuel shortages will bring technology to a stop -- people will either learn to live in sacredness with the Earth, or they will perish when "Mother Earth will hide her nourishment."

Grandfather Dan was also one of the Elders involved in bringing the Hopi message to the United Nations, which was finally accomplished in 1992.

Message to the "House of Mica"

The Hopi had prophesied that the world leaders would gather in a Great House of Mica to try and find peaceful solutions to world problems.

In 1948, Hopi elders ranging in ages from 80 to 100, tried to bring their message to the newly formed United Nations, but were unsuccessful. They had seen the "gourd of ashes" (atomic bombs) many years ago, and knew that it was time to bring their message to the world. Thomas Banyacya of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote clan, was one of four messengers chosen by the Elders, and in 1992 he finally succeeded.

In his 1992 address to the United Nations, Banyacya predicted increasing floods, stronger hurricanes, climate changes and earthquakes, which are warning signs from the Creator for us to wake up spiritually.

He spoke of a possible third world war, which some Hopi believe almost began with the Persian Gulf War, something that is looming on the horizon yet again. They say this is a time for all to choose peace.

Banyacya also brought up the sanctity of the Four Corners area, and said it had "a special purpose in the future in order for humankind to survive."

Another part of the Hopi message spoke of the importance of conducting ceremonies to prevent terrible earth changes. Singing, dancing and fasting are all part of the necessary work to help heal Mother Earth. Banyacya spoke of conducting ceremonies in each of the four directions -- something Chief Arvol Lookinghorse has been doing for the last three years with the World Peace and Prayer Day ceremonies.

Last year, Banyacya spoke with some Peruvian Elders who wanted to share their prophecies that soon all indigenous people would come together as one nation.

Unfortunately, he will not see this dream realized in this lifetime, as he passed away this past February at the age of 89.

Another elder involved in the United Nations message was Dan Kachenogva, the Chief of the Sun Clan who passed away in 1972. He was one of a six-man delegation which planned to travel to the United Nations in 1959 to try and deliver their message of prophecy. Their mission was cut short when a crisis erupted in the Hopi motherland because of the betrayal of Indian-U.S. land treaties.

Two years before he died, he gave a public talk regarding the prophecies. Regarding the third and decisive event of the prophecy he stated, "This [third] event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun. We know certain people are commissioned to bring about the Purification. It is the universal Plan from the beginning of creation, and we are looking up to them to bring purification to us. It is in the rock writings throughout the world, on different continents. We will come together if people all over the world know about it. So we urge you to spread this word around so people will know about it, and the appointed ones will hurry up with their task..." (from "The Return of Pahana: a Hopi Myth," by Robert Boiss On Prophecy Rock near Oraibi, a pictograph depicts the emergence of the present world (Fourth World) progressing into the future.

The Great Spirit is represented by the large human figure on the left. The bow in his hand represents the instructions he left the Hopi to lay down their weapons.

The present world is separated into two paths. The lower path is followed by the One-Hearted people,and leads into a Paradise on Earth. The upper path is that of the Two-Hearted people and leads to self-destruction. It is the path of technology without spirituality. Three world-shaking events (believed to be World Wars I and II, and a third event to come) are depicted by the two circles and half-circle. The last circle is an event known as the "mystery egg" or Day of Purification, the severity of which will depend on how many spiritual people are working toward peace when it occurs. The one-hearted people will try to lead the two-hearted people (shown as the headless people) back to the eternal path (lower path). If the two-hearted people persist in living in ignorance, it will lead to chaos and self-destruction (jagged path).

Some of the Prophecies include:

The lower path is symbolized by a farmer who lives a long and happy life -- as Thomas Banyacya stated in his 1992 address to the UN: "Through a direct relationship with the Earth, self-reliance becomes the basis for health, peace, justice and freedom."

The two symbols beneath the lower path represent the two helpers of Elder Brother. The solar symbol and swastika represent his masculine helper, and a red cross with lines in between (representing female life blood) represents his feminine helper. The word for the two helpers is a word that designates a population, meaning that the two helpers could be two large groups of people.

Elder Brother and his helpers will arrive to help the Hopi and others who stay close to traditional ways. If they come from the west, the battle will be terrible -- the sky will turn red and the earth will shake for days. This time is known as the Day of Purification, when it is said that common people the world over will become disillusioned with the world leaders, and band together to fight for world peace.

According to Chief Dan Evehema when Purification Day nears, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies. It will appear four times around the sun, a warning that people of all color must unite, "that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas."

Some, like Roy Little Sun, believe that the Purification can come about peacefully, by listening to the one heart, and using techniques such as sacred eating, and synchronizing one's heart with the Sun through meditation and other techniques. The choice is ours. Let's hope we make the right one.

"In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.

"The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

" Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.

" The messages will be found written in the living stone, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. (Crop Circles have been found in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.

"Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings, and live a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build the new world. Only in the ancient teachings will the ability to understand the messages be found.

"It is important to understand that these messages will be found upon every living thing, even within our bodies, even within a drop of our blood. All life forms will receive the messages from the twins.. those that fly, the plants, even the rabbit. The appearance of the twins begins a period of seven years will be our final opportunity to change our ways. Everything we experience is all a matter of choice.

"Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.

"Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind. For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us. It will be a very hard time for women with children for they will be shunned, and many of the children in these times will be unnatural. Some being from the Stars some from past worlds, some will even be created by man in an unnatural manner and will be soulless. Many of people in this time will be empty in Spirit they will have Sampacu. No life force in their eyes.

"As we get close to the time of arrival the Purifier there will be those who walk as ghosts through the cities, through canyons they will have constructed in their man made mountains. Those that walk through these places will be very heavy in their walk, it will appear almost painful as they take each step for they will be disconnected from their spirit and the Earth.

"After the arrival of the twins, they will begin to vanish before your eyes like so much smoke. Others will have great deformities, both in the mind and upon their bodies. There will be those who would walk in the body that are not from this reality, for many of the gateways that once protected us will be opened, there will be much confusion. Confusion between sexes, and children and their elders.

"Life will get very perverted, and there will be little social order. In these times many will ask for the mountains themselves to fall upon them just to end their misery. Still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring. The ones who remember the original teachings and have reconnected their hearts and spirit. Those who remember who their mother and father is. The Pahana ( Light Brothers) who have left to live in the mountains and forest.

"When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small Red Star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. Watching us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings.

"This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens In this way we will know Creator is not a dream. Even those who do not feel their connection to spirit will see the face of creator across the sky. Things unseen will be felt very strongly.

" Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.

"We will receive many warnings allowing us to change our ways from below the Earth as well as above. Then one morning in a moment. We will awaken to the Red Dawn. The sky will be the color of blood, many things will then begin to happen that right now we are nor sure of their exact nature. For much of reality will not be as it is now.

"There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen. The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies. After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars, and rebuild this Earth, but not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe.

"No thing living will go untouched, here or in the heavens. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts, and reuniting with our spiritual self. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures. Remembering that we are the caretakers, the fire keepers of the Spirit. Our relatives from the Stars are coming home to see how well we have faired in our journey.

Hopi Prayer for Peace

The following was read to the UN General Assembly and to the UN Peoples Assembly:

Great Spirit and all unseen, this day we pray and ask You for guidance, humbly we ask You to help us and fellowmen to have recourse to peaceful ways of life, because of uncontrolled deceitfulness by humankind.

Help us all to love, not hate one another.

We ask you to be seen in an image of Love and Peace.

Let us be seen in beauty, the colors of the rainbow.

We respect our Mother, the plant, with our loving care, for from Her breast we receive our nourishment.

Let us not listen to the voices of the two-hearted, the destroyers of mind, the haters and self-made leaders, whose lusts for power and wealth will lead us into confusion and darkness.

Seek visions always of world beauty, not violence nor battlefield.

It is our duty to pray always for harmony between man and earth, so that the earth will bloom once more.

Let us show our emblem of love and goodwill for all life and land.

Pray for the House of Glass, for within it are minds clear and pure as ice and mountain streams.

Pray for the great leaders of nations in the House of Mica who in their own quiet ways help the earth in balance.

We pray the Great Spirit that one day our Mother Earth be purified into a healthy peaceful one.

Let us sing for strength of wisdom with all nations for the good of all people.

Our hope is not yet lost, purification must be to restore the health of our Mother earth for lasting peace and happiness.

 by Techqua Ikachi~  ~~~~``~~```~```~```````


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by Doomsday (Morgan) Jones

(previously published in the April, 1999 issue of Maine Well-Being newspaper, and EarthStar Magazine)

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