"Geometry existed before the creation."


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All things throughout our universe seem to follow the same fundamental blueprint or geometric patterns. These geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its virational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseperable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all inseparability and union provides us with a continous reminder of our relationship to the whole--a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created. We call this blueprint "Sacred Geometry".

Geometry in Your Body

When studied under the microscope, living cells reveal a highly ordered system of shapes and patterns. From the shape of your DNA to the cornea of your eye, every part of your body follows the same predictable patterns.

Geometry in Your Garden

The jigsaw puzzle of life is made up of recurring shapes and numbers. Leaves, flowers, seeds, and other living things share the same spiral shapes. Honeybees and other insects live structured lives that mimic these patterns. When we create a floral arrangement or walk through a labyrinth, we celebrate naturefs innate forms.

Geometry in Stones

Nature's archetypes are reflected in the crystalline forms of gems and stones. Amazingly, the patterns found in your diamond engagement ring may resemble the formation of snowflakes and the shape of your own cells.

Geometry in the Sea

Similar shapes and numbers are found beneath the sea, from the swirl of a nautilus shell to the movement of the tides.

Geometry in the Heavens

Nature's patterns are echoed in the movement of planets and stars and the cycles of the moon. Perhaps this is why astrology lies at the heart of so many spiritual beliefs.

Geometry in Music

The vibrations we call sound follow sacred, archetypal patterns. For this reason, you may find that certain sound sequences can stimulate the intellect, inspire creativity, and evoke a deep sense of joy.

Geometry and the Cosmic Grid

Stonehenge, metalithic tombs, and other ancient sites stretch across the globe along underground electromagnetic tracks, or ley lines. The energy grid formed by these lines suggest sacred shapes and ratios.

The Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks used certain geometrically-derived ratios. In this culture the cube traditionally symbolized kingship and earthy foundations. The Golden Section traditionally symbolized philosophy and wisdom. Therefore, if a building was dedicated to a king it would bear traces of cubic geometry and a building dedicated to a heavenly god would be constructed using Golden Section proportions.

The term "Golden Proportion" is historically the unique geometric proportion of two terms and it is designated by the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet - phi. Phi was known by cultures much older than the Greek. The three-term proportion is a:b :: b:c. That is, a is related to b as b is related to c. However, within the three-term continuous proportion there is a special sub-set where the third term is equal to the first term plus the second term, a:b :: b:(a+b), so that only two terms, a and b, are found in the three-term proportion. This is called Phi, the Golden Proportion. "The fact that it is a three-term proportion constructed from two terms is its first distinguishing characteristic, and is parallel with the first mystery of the Holy Trinity: the Three that are Two. "The Golden Proportion represents indisputable proportional evidence of the possibility of a conscious evolution as well as of an evolution of consciousness." The Golden Proportion is not an ordindary ratio. It is found naturally in nature. Its specific ratio is 1.618. For example, it describes the spiral of seeds in sunflowers and the shape of nautilus shells.

The Hindus

Before the Hindus erect any type of building, large or small, for religious purposes they first perform a simple geometric construction on the ground. This means that they construct a square from establishing due East and West. It is from this square that they lay out the entire building. The geometric construction is associated by prayers and religious observances.

The Christians

The cross is used as the major emblem for the Christian religion. In geometrical terms the cross, elaborated in the Medieval period, is the form of an unfolded cube. It was also associated with kingship. Many of the Gothic churches were built by proportions derived from the geometry inherent in the cube or the double-cube. Many Christian churches are still built in this form today.

The Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians used regular polygons in their construction, but discovered that these polygons could be increased while keeping the ratio of their sides by the addition of a strictly constructed area. This was named the "gnomon" by the Greeks. The god Osiris was given the recognition for the concept of the ratio-retaining expansion of a rectangular area. Egyptians also used the square as a symbol of kingship.

The Discovery of Jay Hambidge

Jay Hambidge was an art historian at Yale during the 1920's. He discovered that the spirals on the Ionic column capitals of ancient Greek temples were laid out by the "whirling rectangle" method for creation of a logarithmic spiral. He did not find any "sacred meaning" for the logarithmic spiral form of the Ionic coumn capital. However, he did find that the Greek architects purposely constructed their temples according to "whirling rectangle" geometric ratios.

 The Meaning of Numbers

"Mathematics, as the basis of all science, is itself a universal symbolism, a language into which all knowledge is eventually translated and rendered communicable. The key to all knowledge is in the science of numbers."

One symbolises manifestation, assertion, the ego, selfhood and isolation. In the philosophical sense, it represents the synthesis and fundamental unity of things. In a religious sense, it represents the lord. In a material sense, it represents the individual. It is the symbol of the Sun.

Two symbolises plus and minus, active and passive, male and female, positive and negitive and so on. It stands for the dualism of manifested life-God and Nature. It denotes agreement and separation.

Three symbolises the trinity of life, substance, and intelligence, of force, matter, and consciousness. The family-fater, mother, and child.

Four is the number of reality and concretion. It is the cube or the square. It symbolises the cross, segmentation, partition, order, and classification.

Five represents expansion. It symbolises inclusiveness, comprehension, understanding, judgement, reason, and logic.

Six is the number of cooperation. It symbolises marriage, a link, and connection. Six is the ineraction of the spiritual and material. Six also represents art, music, dancing.

Seven is the number of completion. It represents time, space, duration, and distance. It also represents old age, death, or enduance, and immortality.

Eight is the number of dissolution. It denotes the law of cyclic evolution, the breaking back of the natural to the spiritual.

Nine is the number of regeneration. A new birth. It represents spirituality, premonition, and voyaging. It also represents penetration, strife, energy, and anger.

The superficial equivalents of the sphere, cone and cube are the circle, the triangle, and the square. These figures, used in symbolical thought, represent states of consciousness. These figures are related to the numbers 1, 3, 4, which denote God, Humanity, and Nature. One Being is represented as spirit, soul and body.

All geometrical relations are expressions of numerical ratios. "...we give natuaral assent to the power of numbers on which, in the Pythagorean concept, the universe is founded."



The Parthenon was created by the Greeks. The Greeks believed that everything, form the human body to the entire cosmos, was governed by an order accesible to human reason. The Parthenon was created as a temple for Athena Parthenos. It is located at the top of the Acropolic of Athens. It was built to house a huge gold and ivory statue of the goddess Athena.

The Parthenon is known as a geomtrical masterpiece. It is very pleasing to the eye due to the unique architecture. The lines that are perceived as horizontals in fact are curved upward in the middle. The platform upon which the columns of the temple stand is slightly curved on all four sides. All of the columns are tilted inward slightly, and are placed closer together toward the corners of the building.

The geometrical aspect of the Parthenon is also very interesting. If you add the number of Columns on the front and then multiply them by 2 and add 1 you will get the number of columns on each side. (8x2 = 16, 16+1 = 17) This is said to be geometrically proportional. It is interesting that the number of columns choosen for the front was eight. Eight also represents the infinity symbol and looks like a spiral. The spiral is important when discussing aspects of the Golden Mean because the spiral helps describe the Golden Mean logarithmic spiral. Given the sunflower as an example. The sunflower has 55 clockwise spirals overlaid onto either 34 or 89 counterclockwise spirals. We recognise these numbers as part of the Fibonacci Series, which is generated by Phi.

Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange was built around 3,200 BCE. It is a circular mound of earth and stone and is about 250 feet in diameter. The interior is solid, but there is a single stone-lined passage that is 62 feet long and 3 feet wide. This passage terminates close to the center of the mound in a main chamber with a corbelled vault 20 feet high and three recessed chambers. The entrance of Newgrange incorporates a "roof box" that allows the sun, at sunrise on the morning of the winter solstice on December 21, to enter the interior. The sun penetrates the full length of the interior passage all the way to the main chamber.

It is interesting to me that Newgrange was choosen to be a circle and that the sun plays a very important role in its architecture. As I have stated previously, The circle represents the sun and relates the natural aspects with the spiritual. There is only one sun and therefore, one God who is the universal lord. This also represents the number one.


 Why Pay Attention to Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science and a key to understanding the way the universe is designed. It is a "map" of the step by step movements that Spirit makes as it moves from pure energy into matter, to create the physical world as we know it. It is the "language" of creation which exists at the foundation of all life. It is these repeating geometric patterns that are the basic building blocks of our physical bodies, the plants and animals, the planets, solar systems, stars, galaxies and Universe.

The basic geometric shape is a spiral form that is seen abundantly in nature in seashells and sunflowers. This design is called a toroid and can be seen in its 2 dimensional form on the Merkaba Repatterning cards. The 3 dimensional form looks like a donut and is called a tube torus.

This design carries the blueprints or codes of creation down through the multidimensional matrix, toroids within toroids forming a framework where matter begins to coalesce as it descends into more dense levels of creation. It forms sacred geometric energy fields around every natural thing and being in the universe. It is this energy field that gives birth to matter. It has been described as the formative matrix, the field of formative causation or the morphogenetic field.

In it's simplest form the geometry of this field is a star tetrahedron. When this sacred geometric shape is set spinning on a computer, the first shape it forms is a tube torus. These star tetrahedron fields of crystalline energy and information that surround the body are referred to in ancient texts as the Merkaba. This Merkaba field carries our etheric blueprint and is made up of tiny crystalline geometries that frequently are "stuck" and are not moving in a coherent fashion. This is where the majority of our karmic patterning is stored.

So what is the point of all this? For one thing the activation and spinning of the Merkaba field clears distorted, incoherent energy patterns that are stuck there, these patterns are creating our "karmic" experiences. In addition, our physical bodies follow the blueprints that are stored within this coded informational geometric grid. When we remember that the Law of Alchemy states: "Whenever you change the energy, you change the manifestation of the mass", we begin to see the importance of accessing and altering the energy in this field of formative causation.

This allows a deeper connection to our Higher Self for healing and accessing greater states of awareness and some believe it to be the key to the transition to the 4th & 5th dimensional levels. As if that weren't enough to pay attention to, we now have the science of quantum physics telling us that the driving force behind this manifestation energy into matter is the intent of consciousness. So it follows that if we can access and activate our memory of how to manipulate these sacred geometric fields by our intent of consciousness, then quite possibly we could coalesce matter from the sea of energy we live in - manifesting the fishes and the loaves. SacredVibes.



Our knowledge, experiences and perceptions to all things beautiful is determined by our ability to understand and recognise sacred geometry in our subconscious mindset. it is here where information is saved and logged. It is here where subliminal messages and data is stored.

Take a Da Vinci painting for example. Behind the painting itself there is a message, a harmonic wave form is hiding behind the painting's design. The design itself is bound by the laws of sacred geometry which is the personification of harmony and energy waves that make up the entire universe. Da Vinci was fully aware of the laws of sacred geometry, he knew the building blocks for creation, and he knew that our senses responded to the geometrical harmonies and wave forms that were created through the application of sacred geometry.

The ancient Egyptians also knew of this as did some of the other early cultures around the world such as the ancient Tibetans, Mayas and the Incas. The Egyptians embedded its secrets in their temples and Pyramids. These early civilizations were well aware of universal laws and the origins of life.

These early civilisations also applied these laws and used geometry for all manner of terrestrial practices. The word 'geo - metry' or 'measurement of the earth' is intended to be esoteric in nature. That is why only the mystery religions know of this and why these laws have been hidden from the masses for over 2000 years.

Because sacred geometry mirrored the universe, the practiced law shared a higher purpose. What was that purpose? It was the acquisition of spiritual wholeness through self - reflection. A structural insight into higher spiritual dimension of reality, a realisation of inner self awareness. Another way of putting this across to someone is a way for the intuitive mind to reason for its existence, to be aware of its purpose and understanding. Through exploring inwardly, away from the physical three dimensional world it is aware of higher consciousness. As the mind travels towards a comprehensive idea or principle it enables the mind to become a channel to the abstract and cosmic realism of spirituality.

Sacred geometry was practiced by the ancients, they were fully aware of its attributes and its approach to the way in which the universe is aligned and maintained. Geometric diagrams, shapes, sounds and images are designed so that the continuous, timeless and universal action they disguise are hidden from our sensory perception. A seemingly normal mathematical equation can act as a form of discipline or command for intellectual insight. Symbols, signs and sounds can be engineered to plant subliminal messages into the subconscious psyche.

The ancient Egyptians used geometry to bring order and control to their peoples and it is still in practice today. The Freemasons obtained this knowledge through Egyptian scripture and this knowledge was passed down through generation to generation, from Pharaoh to Pharaoh, king to king and from queen to queen throughout the ages before falling into the hands of the Freemasons.

It is said that temples and megalithic monuments were built in the ancient world using sacred geometric knowledge, and it is said that these monuments and structures were built in certain locations around the world to form doorways that opened up to the spirit world or multiversal dimensions. They are also known in the modern era as star gates or portals.

The discovery of crop circles in the modern era also points to sacred geometry. It is said that embedded in the designs are DNA codings that point to multi dimensional existence. It is not clear to how these crop circles are formed, but scientists have proved with symatics that geometrical patterns form or reshape themselves under different frequencies of sound and vibration.

Is sacred geometry the building block of life and creation? Is it also the basis for evolution? Can sacred geometry bind every form of existence and awareness together? Is sacred geometry GOD or the true religion?






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