Wiccan Beauty Spell

This spell will improve your appearance both inside and out as we all know beauty comes from within so it is necessary to get rid of negativity first before you try to improve the outside.

Step 1

Salt Water Purification is first. Hold a cup in front of you with warm water inside, then place three pinches of salt in the water. Hold the cup in your lap and clear your mind. Next you will visualize all the doubts, fears, negative thoughts, and blocks flowing from you into the cup.

Step 2

Reach out to Mother Earth and feel her energy filling you from your toes up to your head and then down your arms into the cup. The healing energy of Mother Earth will heal the negativity that the cup is filled with.

Step 3

Take the cup and pour the water down the drain and follow with clear water to make sure no negative energy is still in that area.

Step 4

Place your alter cloth in a square pattern. Place the black candle on the left top and the white candle right top. Place the pink candle in the middle of the cloth. Draw a protective circle around yourself and ask the Goddess to protect and purify your magic area.

Step 5

Light first the black candle; allow it to burn for a moment then light the white candle and the pink candle last. Look into the Pink Candle and Recite:Blazing flame as you danceSee here my sacred glanceGive me beauty, in mine and others sightGrant this with your sacred lightEarth Wind Air and FireGive me my heartís desireI say this three times threeAs I will so mote it be

Step 6

To preserve your appearance so that beauty does not fade you can use the following chant as well:Fiery flame that dances and singsGive me that I ask with all things Things that move and things that changeAllow my beauty to remain the same.Air, Wind, Earth and FireGive to me my heartís desireI say this three times threeAs I will so mote it be


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