Wiccan Prayer for the Dead

Time has passed, the Wheel has turned.
It is time for you [person's name] to move on.
You will walk hand in hand with the Lord and Lady
and with your ancestors who came before you.

Great Mother, welcome [name of person]
back into your womb.

And Great Father welcome [him/her] back
into your divine instruction.

Let [him/her] come to you and
know that [s/he] has been blessed
by your gracious gift of Life.

Let [him/her] come into your Divine Love,
and let [him/her] know
that [s/he] has left behind a life of legacy,
that [s/he] shall be remembered and loved.

As [s/he] enters your world,
wrap [him/her] in your loving arms,
and welcome [him/her] back home.

Let [him/her] speak to the Ancient Ones
to learn the greater mysteries
that lie beyond the veil.

Give [him/her] the strength to take these final steps,
and allow [him/her] to do so with peace and dignity.

Those of us left behind
shall indeed mourn [his/her] death,
but we shall also know
that [his/her] Soul and Spirit
is coming back
to Holy Mother and Holy Father,
and that [s/he] shall be made whole again.

We shall cry, but we shall also laugh,
for we shall celebrate the Life
that had been given to [person's name.]

And let [him/her] also know
that as we now merry part,
that we shall also merry meet again.

And we now, with these candles {light candles}
respect the flame of [person's name]'s life,
and though these candle flames shall die out,
we know that [person's name] shall live on,
and [his/her] flame shall never cease to burn,
and we also know that [s/he] shall be reborn anew.

Take [him/her] by the hand and
guide [him/her] back into your heart,
for this is what is right and just.

Let [him/her] walk unerringly
down the path that leads to your Love.

This is our will and so mote it be.
Amen and Amen.

- Crimson Peaceful Wolf -
- Wiccan Prayer -


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