Sogni d'oro

I close my eyes and drift away to a land of golden dreams
A place so full of beauty, exquisite and serene
A garden filled with lilacs, wildflowers of every kind
Sunflowers in abundance and yellow dandelions

A bubbling brook lies hidden, a doorway to the sea
I slide my body into it , the warmth embraces me
I feel the water glide so smoothly touching every place
Immersed in golden dreams of a distant loving face

Golden dreams surround me and take me far away
To the land of love and laughter, a place where I can stay
Running through the forest with the sun high in the sky
Surrounded by heather and beautiful butterflies

Golden dreams surround me, I think I want to stay
If I could only lie here forever and a day
A paradise so filled with beauty, peaceful and serene
A paradise of quiet peace I can forever dream

Sand * * *

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